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Learning Management Systems, LMS

Competence and continuous learning are essential for being a competitive company. How does your company build competence among employees? How can the company ensure that employees have taken the required courses and understood the content? How does the company ensure that customers know how to operate and maintain the products you have delivered to them?

We offer the service MyWebAcademy, an efficient, flexible, and affordable digital learning platform. Here, your company can have its own digital learning platform customized to match the company's profile and offer e-learning courses for employees. You can create the e-learning courses yourself, either entirely or partially. Feel free to use PowerPoint presentations, internal documents in PDF format, and self-produced videos. Set up a test or quiz to ensure that employees have grasped the content. You can do all of this yourself or involve us in a collaboration for the production and completion of the e-learning course. If desired, we can integrate the learning platform with the company's HR system, ensuring that employees' competence is constantly updated in the HR system as well.

Visit our LMS: MyWebAcademy

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E-learning development

E-learning is a cost effective tool to support competency internally in an organisation. Perhaps equally important is that "how to” e-Learning, enriched with animations and illustrations, can be an effective tool to support your customers and make them qualified and satisfied users of your product.

ATS has a flexible approach to e-learning projects and collaboration. We can take full responsibility for the e-learning development, but we also endorse a close collaboration with active participation and contributions from our customer. Understanding that money is a valuable resource, we have tuned our organisation and our working processes to cut your e-learning cost to an affordable level.

Want to develop e-learning courses yourself? We can provide the authoring tools, provide templates and guidance to get you started.

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Support Services

To reduce the strain on in house resources, we can offer affordable hosting of company LMS along with operational support services.

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Presentation material, 3D modelling and animations

ATS develops presentations, 3D models, animations for marketing, promotion, and technical visualization and training purposes. Whether we create visualizations and animations of tactical aircraft for an aerospace customer, or interactive 3D models of ships and deck machinery in the offshore oil & gas sector – we do it at an affordable price.

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Web Site Development

We design and set up affordable Web Sites, such as the one you are visiting now.